Classes for Under 5's

If only we’d all started as young as these little athletes! We are proud to provide the above classes for under 5’s in Telford. We are here to support our youngest members as they take their first steps along their path as Cheerforce Cheerleaders and Dancers.

Your little one will look forward every week to meeting up with other Children to share activities that will stimulate their imagination and help them develop strength, coordination and confidence.

Baby Steps classes will give your 3-5-year-old the chance to dance with real pom poms! Learning how to stretch safely, and performing mini routines with their friends.. (and for you at home probably!!)

Tiny Cheer & Gym will give your 3-5-year-old the chance to use our gym equipment, gaining confidence in basic gymnastic moves – they will even start to learn basic stunts as they work on teamwork in ‘tiny lifts’, all under the expert guidance of our cheerleading coaches.


BABY STEPS – SATURDAY 13:30-14:00 (AGES 3-5)  | TINY CHEER & GYM – SATURDAY 13:30-14:00 (AGES 3-5) 

Please note 7th May 2022 times have changed to 09:00 – 09:30