Whether you’re a complete beginner or experienced athlete, we have classes to suit all ages and abilities.

The CheerForce program is one of the largest of its kind in England. We hold hundreds of Regional, National and European titles . We are based at our own fully sprung floor premises, The CheerForce Gym, which is one of the top Cheerleading, Dance and Tumbling facilities in the country. Whilst our competition successes are wonderful, it’s our family ethos which makes us extra special. We believe in creating amazing experiences for our athletes and their families, and teaching valuable life lessons along the way.




Cheerleading is an exciting team sport involving stunting, tumbling and dance. Our competing teams work towards routines which last 2 mins 30 secs long, which are entered into various competitions across the season.We offer recreational and competing teams with our Cheer teams being split into various ages for boys and girls of different ability levels.


Pom dance involves ballet style technique such as pirouettes and leaps mixed with strong and energetic motions holding poms resulting in exciting visual displays. Our pom teams are there with the best in the country and work towards 2:30 routines which are competed at various competitions across the season. The Pom teams are split into age divisions and are selection based dependent on individual skills.


Stunting is a main component of cheerleading. A stunt group consists of 4/5 people who work towards routines of 1:15 minutes continuously demonstrating different ways to lift their flyer in the level appropriate divisions.In order for us to continue to grow our athlete’s skills and confidence we hold competing stunt team classes.


Tumbling is a main component of cheerleading. In order for our athletes to continue to improve we hold weekly tumble classes to assist their learning. These classes are broken down into levels and are excellent for beginners to get ready for team selections.

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CheerForce TEN aims to empower young people to achieve their dreams by enriching our athlete’s lives whilst instilling the core values of team work, determination and commitment.

Our family ethos directs us along the right path, enabling us to achieve and inspire moments of self-belief and happiness.