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Coach Reece

Coach Reece is available to work with athletes on the following:
  • Strength training
  • Incorporating a wide range of strength and conditioning drills and training involving deep tissue muscle exercises in a variety of muscles within the body.
  • Tumbling
  • Specialising in – Basic impact movement including rebound and how upwards momentum is used to achieve the cleanest and highest of tumbles and flips.
  • Tricking
  • Breaking down various different moves and sequences incorporating kicks and tumbling motions to combine a range of flowing movements which interlink by flowing from skill to skill or move to move.

Athletes can have solo private sessions or share with 1 additional teammate.

1 hour OR 30 minute coaching session on a 1-2-1 basis or 2 athletes per session.

1 athlete is £30 for 60 mins

2 athletes is £40 for 60 mins

1 athlete is £15 for 30 mins

2 athletes is £20 for 30 mins

Payments to be made by BACS or CASH. 

Important COVID-19 information

Following the latest government announcement, we are thrilled to say our gym is slowly opening its doors to our athletes. We have completed a risk assessment and addressed all areas and added in all the necessary safety measures and social distancing policies to ensure all our staff and athletes are safe during their training sessions. Please note these will be updated and amends following any future government announcements.