Meet The Team

Head Coaches

Rachael Smart – Program Director, Head Coach and Choreographer

Rachael Smart has been involved in ‘the world’ of cheerleading and dance, coaching, competing and choreographing for over 16 years. Rachael is the program director of CheerForce, launching CheerForce Odyssey with coach Jonny Kirby over 5 years ago, and is now the head coach of CheerForce Ten, which is now in its 9th competitive season.

I believe cheerleading and dance teach unique and valuable life lessons to all involved and am so thankful for the opportunities it has presented to my family and me over the years.

Emily Overton – Head Cheer and Dance Coach

I have been a part of the cheer force family since the very beginning when it was just a fun cheerleading class. I soon then saw it rocket to what it is today! Whilst also competing with cheerleading I was also a part of the very first pom team in which the dream has always been worlds one day.

In 2019 that dream became a reality and me, along with my teal sisters competed for the first time on the USASF Dance Worlds Floor, I wouldn’t have wanted to share that journey with anyone other than my girls and my pom partner Rachael.

Reece Lindsey – Head Tricking and Tumble Coach

My tricking journey started in 2005 where I was competing in martial arts competitions. At the time tricking wasn’t a well know and would be a combination of Martial Arts and gymnastics put together, though out the years the name tricking would stick.

I’ve been teaching martial since I was 15 years and tricking since I was 10 years of age, tumbling has always been apart of the journey from when I did my first backhand spring to then building up my confidence to attempt a backflip on the hard floor.

Cheer Coaches

Katie – Mini-Prep – Chance Team Coach

This is my seventh season with Cheer force, but this will be my third season coaching Mini prep 1 – Chance, which is super exciting!

Last season I competed with senior 1 – Warpaint, which was a blast to be apart of, and can’t wait for the season 9.

I’m extremely grateful to be coaching once again, as I’m able to share my passion and love for cheer with the younger athletes, which means the world to me!

Poppy – Mini 2 – Karma

I’ve been coaching with cheer force for 6 years I first started coaching mini Bridgnorth in 2014.

I have coached all ages and levels up to level 3 since then. I love coaching because it allows me to work with all of our amazing kids and help them to become the best athletes they can be.

I love all the special bonds and friendships that I have made through coaching!

Tori – Youth 2 – Envy Team Coach

I started cheerleading back when I was 5 years old after previously dancing for a couple of years. Not long after beginning at CF10, I started coaching the Mini Level 1 team as well as the Mini Stunt group.

My main reason why I love coaching cheer is I believe it teaches the kids so many good lessons to apply to everyday life and not just in the cheer gym.

Richard – Senior 1 – Warpaint Team Coach

I have been involved with CheerForce 10 pretty much for 9 years. I started out helping the head coach Rachael with the youth and junior teams, of which my daughter Emily was an athlete. I have been a qualified coach now for 8 years and have coached to level 4.

My favourite level is level 1 as its pretty hard to come up with creative routines when you are very limited in what you are allowed to do. I have also love to coach stunt groups which are challenging and have been very successful over the years training many national and regional champions. CheerForce is much more than just a team it is my family. I am looking forward to coaching this year’s groups of talented and new athletes.

Sarah – Junior 3 – Uprising Team Coach and Senior 4 Dauntless Assistant Coach

I have been cheering for 13 years and coaching at cheer force for 8. Last season I was on senior 4 Dauntless and competed at worlds with IOP ladies of Ten.

My favourite thing about coaching is watching people achieve things they thought they couldn’t do and spreading my passion for the sport.

Courtney – Senior 1 – Warpaint Team Coach and Mini-Prep Chance Assistant Coach

This is my third season with CF10, having also cheered and danced competitively with other teams before that. Last season was super busy for me, being part of Ladies of Ten IOP, coaching for the first time and also joining senior 4 after Blackpool and learning a new level, base position and routine in 3 weeks to hit at Worcester! Last season I coached mini prep and youth 2 stunt, and I’m so excited to build on that this season.

Mini-prep started out with only one athlete having even been to a cheer competition before, and ended with them having a whole difficult and creative routine which was only getting stronger and stronger each week!

Sammi – Senior 4 – Dauntless Team Coach and Head Team Cheer Coach

Hi, I’m Sami, and I am a team coach for Senior 4 Dauntless. I have been with CheerForce since Season 1 (I still remember the first ever CheerForce Seniors training session!) and have been coaching since 2013. My old bones and I have retired from Cheer but have continued to compete in Open Coed 4 stunt.

I’ve had the privilege of coaching some amazing athletes within stunt divisions over the past few years and last season was given the opportunity to join the coaching team for Senior 4 too. I’m their biggest fan and can’t wait to see what they bring to the floor next season! I love coaching because it gives me the opportunity to see athletes learn and grow in skill and confidence.

Cheer Assistant Coaches

Bill – Mini 2 Karma Assistant Coach

Hi, my name is Laura mainly known as Bill, I have been cheering for 5 years, and I was on youth pom you lyrical IJP junior cheer junior stunt senior 4 and CFO.

I love coaching, being able to see all of the athletes grow into amazing cheerleaders. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the amazing athletes I coach on the floor, following their cheer dreams.

Issy – Mini 2 Karma Assistant Coach

Hi, I’m Issy, and I am a junior coach for Mini Karma. I have been with CheerForce ten for 5 years, and I absolutely love it.

It has given me many opportunities along the way and has made me gain confidence. I love coaching because it enables me to inspire children and to help them to achieve their goals and dreams.

I am so excited to have been given this opportunity again to work with such a lovely team and coaches. I am looking forward to being able to help to create the choreography for the routine this year.

Maddie – Youth 2 Envy Assistant Coach

Hello!! I’m Maddie, I’m 15 years old, and I’ve been cheering for 7 years. Last year I was lucky enough to have been on 4 teams, Senior level 4, international open junior pom, international open senior pom, and international open lyrical.
I loved coaching the youth 2 team last year, and I’m grateful that I have the opportunity again this year.

Hattie – Youth 2 Envy Assistant Coach

Hi, I’m Hattie and last year I was in 5 teams, youth Pom, international junior Pom, youth lyrical, junior 3 cheer and senior 3 stunts. I love cheer as it’s such a fun, exciting experience. I have been with cheer force ten since day 1 8 years ago since that day, I have made so many memories and can’t wait to make many more with coaching and competing.

I love coaching as you get to see not just younger ones but older ones learn, grow and become better on what they love doing. I’m looking forward to season 9 with cf10 and can’t wait to watch the girls smash that floor!

Sarah Bishton – Junior 3 Uprising Assistant Coach

This will be my third season at Cheerforce ten, last season I was on senior 4 dauntless and in a senior 3 stunt group. I have been cheering for 5 years now and started when I was at university. But I have been dancing and performing since I was 2 1/2 years old.
I was also lucky enough to go to worlds to compete in 2017 as part of Team England Paracheer in the ICU world championships were we won the gold. I have always loved coaching and teaching at my old dance school growing up, so I’m super excited to start doing it again at Cheerforce ten! I can’t wait to help create an awesome routine and have some fun and create lots of new amazing memories, for the team and I.

Neve – Junior 3 Uprising Assistant Coach

Hi, I’m Neve, and I’ve been doing cheer for as long as I can remember. Last season I competed on senior 4, junior 3 and the junior pom team, after growing up around these crazy people. I can’t wait to experience coaching with them and learning new skills while still competing on the team.

Dance Coaches

Chloe – Junior Lyrical Team Coach and Youth Lyrical Assistant Coach

I started dancing when I was 10. My biggest achievement is representing England at the ICU World Championships in 2018 and placing 8th. I’ve been an athlete at Cheerforce since season 2 and have been fortunate enough to represent them at the European Championships in 2016 and the USASF World Championships in 2019.

Who inspired me to dance and coach: My sister was my inspiration to start dancing. She’s helped me grown so much as a dancer but watching her coach over the years has inspired me to begin coaching. Teams: I’m lucky enough to be coaching two teams next season: junior lyrical and Youth lyrical. I can’t wait to get started with everyone and to see where season 9 goes.

Emily BB – Mini Pom Team Coach

I’m Emily Barker-Bates I’m 14 I have coached mini Pom for two seasons, I’m on international junior Pom, junior stunt group level 3, senior 1 cheer, and junior level 3 cheer. I love coaching because I like to see athletes be the best versions of themselves and to see their self-confidence grow and gain amazing new skills.

Scarlett – Youth Lyrical Team Coach

I joined Cheerforce Ten when I was 4 years old and still share that same passion for dance almost 10 years later. My biggest achievements within Cheerforce have to include being awarded cheerleader of the year many years ago and also being selected for International Open Pom last season. I first tried lyrical during Season 7 tryouts and instantly found my passion; lyrical now being my favourite category. Therefore I’m so excited to be moving in a new direction within the academy and can’t wait to work with all the talented youth athletes. My inspirations are the younger athletes at Cheerforce, who train hard and are dedicated to the sport.

Tori – Youth Pom Team Coach and Head Team Dance Coach

I have been dancing for 19 years now, starting when I was just 3 years old. Over the past few years, my dancing experiences have been incredible, competing at ICU worlds in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and USASF worlds for the first time in 2019.

Last season I competed on International Open Pom and International Open Lyrical as well as Team England Adaptive Abilities Pom for the second year.
After coaching cheer and stunt for so many seasons, I started to coach pom, as well as coaching Youth Pom I also coach Team England Adaptive Abilities Pom.

My main reason why I love coaching dance is seeing the athletes hard work pay off and gain new skills, dance is a sport which so many people love for so many different reasons, and I love being able to share that with all the kids.

Hannah – International Junior Pom Team Coach

I’m Hannah, and I started with CheerForce in 2013. I’ve been lucky enough to compete at ICU Worlds for Team England pom, IASF with Cheerforce Odyssey at the old level 5 and of course with Ladies of TEN last year. This year would have been my 4th year, but Coronavirus had other plans for us all. I have also competed at Europeans with Team England pom.

My favourite thing about dance is the competing side. The nerves that you get beforehand (when I can control them), waiting for the music to start and then the fun that you get to have when the music begins.

This will be my first year coaching junior pom. I’m excited and can’t wait to get started with them and also to be training with my girls as well.

Ceri – International Junior Pom Team Coach

I’m Ceri, and I’m 25 years old. I started dancing at the age of 16 at Dance in Motion Academy, so nearly ten years now! I started competing in 2012 in Pom and Jazz as part of Motionesque. Since then I’ve competed at ICU World Championships with Team England ParaCheer Freestyle Pom Team 3 times dating back to 2017 (I’m an OG ) where I became a silver medalist and 2 x World Champion.

I have been with CheerForce as part of Ladies of Ten IOP for the last year, and this would have been my 4th time attending Worlds but my first time competing at USASF. I love training and competing, there’s nothing better than learning and perfecting new skills, working together with your team, so you’re ready to take to that floor as a unit, a family This will be my first year coaching IJP, and I can’t wait to get started with everyone!

Rosie – Mini Pom Team Coach 

Hello everyone! This season I will be coaching our amazing mini Pom team- Little Rhapsody Ladies with coach Aidyn, Last season I coached the tiny team but sadly the season was cut short. This season I’m in Youth Pom, Youth lyrical, junior lyrical, international junior Pom, international Senior Pom and Junior cheer level3. I have been performing all my life and spent most days at the cf gym with my mum.

I can’t wait to give back into the sport I have learned so much from. I love coaching because I get to help young athletes become the best they can be, also we get to make exciting routines for you guys to compete at amazing competitions and to represent Cheer force ten. I know my little rhapsody ladies will smash their first season as a Pom team and I can’t wait to cheer for them from the front of the floor.

Dance Assitant Coaches

Niamh – Mini Pom Assistant Coach 

I’m Niamh Douglas, and I’m an assistant coach for Mini Pom “Little Ladies of far far away’ for season 9 at Cheerforce✨ I’ve been doing cheer for a total of 5 seasons and hip hop for 10 years now!!

I’m a British, European and World champion in hip hop and this year was supposed to my first year competing at ICU Worlds with Team England Hip Hop and at The Dance Worlds with The Ladies Of Ten. However, that was cancelled, so I’m back for another season with both The Ladies of Ten and TEHH, as well as getting to compete with International Junior Pom, International Open Lyrical and Junior lyrical at Cheerforce.

I’m excited to be coaching for my second season and hope that I can develop and inspire the kids to allow them to follow their dreams in what they love doing best.

Paige – Mini Pom Assistant Coach

Hello, my name is Paige Taylor, and I have been with Cheerforce 10 since the very beginning and last year was my first time coaching. It is amazing, having you guys has inspired me to better than I have ever been before I’m so grateful to have such an amazing team!

Aidyn – Mini Pom Assistant Coach

Hey everyone! This season I will be coaching our brand new team Mini Pom – Little Rhapsody Ladies and I couldn’t be more excited. Last season I was an assistant coach to Youth Pom and learned how to coach from Tori, Em and Rache.

I’m looking forward to passing on their wisdom to our new girls. This year I will be competing with Senior Pom, Junior Pom, Senior Lyrical and Junior Lyrical and I can’t wait to start training. It has always been a dream of mine to be able to teach others, and I love that I now have a team to coach and grow into beautiful dancers.

My favourite thing about coaching is the positive influence my girls and take them through this wonderful journey with Cheer Force Ten.

Teigan – Youth Pom Assistant Coach

This season I will be competing on senior 4, international open pom, international junior pom and also junior lyrical. I also have the amazing opportunity to be coaching youth pom for season 9.

I’m looking forward to seeing each and every athlete improve over the season and watch them grow as a team. I love coaching because I’m able to watch the athletes grow more confident and have fun doing the sport they love whilst working hard and pushing themselves.